Ubuntu Group LLC Tour

Welcome to Ubuntu Group, LLC featuring the Greek Ohana Action League (G.O.A.L.). 

Ubuntu Group, LLC was created in an effort to provide upliftment, fellowship, better communication, and promote the networks within our selected fraternal organizations. 


This Tour is provided to explain all ofthe features and benefits of GOAL.

If you have any further questions, or if you have suggestions or input,

Please feel free to reach out to us through 

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Ubuntu Group LLC

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Ubuntu Group LLC  is the parent company and consists of 4 branches.  Ubuntu Village, Ubuntu Academy, Mind, Body, and Soul, and the Greek Ohana Action League (also known as G.O.A.L.)


Ubuntu Scholarship - COMING SOON

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Ubuntu Group LLC is offering the blessing of $5,000 scholarships to a representative of each of all of the divine 9 societies. 

APPLY NOW for the Spring 2021 Scholarship


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Dawg House Project - Coming Soon

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Copy to come


Ubuntu Academy - COMING SOON

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Ubuntu Academy allows us to positively affect change in many different areas of Scholarship including:

  • Ubuntu Scholarships
  • Ubuntu Internships
  • Ubuntu Music
  • Ubuntu Sports
  • Ubuntu Life Skills
  • Ubuntu Vocational
  • and Ubuntu Tutoring


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Ubuntu Village

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Ubuntu Village, In an effort to expand our Network, Ubuntu Village is offering short term and long term rentals throughout the United States. From a farmhouse in Iowa to a condo in New Orleans we are encouraging our people to experience the world. In some cases we are developing homes in distressed areas, helping us build relationships and take a leading role in improving our communities.


Mind, Body, Soul

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Mind, Body & Soul, Ubuntu - Mind Body & Soul is our upliftment and self-help division allowing us to partner with outstanding companies that are making an impact in industries from health and wellness to financial services in an effort to provide encouragement and promote perseverance. Mo' Cheri is our nonprofit that partners with local and national organizations, some of which include Habitat for Humanity, Autism Awareness, and many more.



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Greek Ohana Action League is a PRIVATE website to bring Sororities and Fraternities together.  Letting us uplift, fellowship, and network within our Greek Societies.  

Which brings us to the Greek Ohana Action League or GOAL for short.

GOAL was started based on a dream that I had after a conversation with one of my fraternity brothers.  In my dream I developed a platform that allowed us as people to help each other. I took it as uplifting other members of Omega, but another very deep conversation was had, it was said that if I was going to uplift one you need to uplift all.

Sign Up

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Fill in the prompts as directed, the * is a mandatory field and you won’t be able to move forward without it completed.  Once you have finished the sign-up process, it will be sent to our verification team to finish the process.



Society Page

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Once you have been verified, you will get an email notification sent to you.  You will be prompted to sign in and this will take you to YOUR SOCIETY page.


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Based on your information in the signup process you will then complete your profile page.  This page will be seen by everyone in the Divine 9.

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Community Uplift

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Everyone who is on our platform will be enrolled in Community UPlift (also known as Cup Lift).  CUP Lift is an application that will get your outings and events organized.  You can see it by your chapter, society, or the entire D9 organization.  Let’s get involved and be more organized while doing so.

Business Services

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Place your business on our site and gain new customers.  We will have a mile radius for customers to easily find you.  Simply fill out this form with all your information and let us help you build your business.  

If you don’t own your own business or if you have a side company, place your information on our site.

business services
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Business Service Profile

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Want to support black-owned businesses?  We have everything from plumbers to accountants here at your fingertips.  There’s a search bar to help narrow your needs down and locate someone in your area.  There will be links to the company website, phone number, and reviews.


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Employers, now more than ever, are looking for the "Best of the best of the best"

To be omre specific, Employers are looking for College Educated candidates.  People who are Team Players.  Those that have that inner drive!  Candidates that have that Entrepreneurial Sprit.  They are looking for employees that can start a task and See It Through!

Todays employers are Looking For You!



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Member Directory

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Can’t remember someone’s name from 10 years ago but know where they went to school?  Look them up with as little information about them.  Fill out the form, upload a picture, and start talking to people. 

member profile


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Its not just about having a quest for knowledge, but having a platform where you can comfortablely store and share the information gained!

Welcome to our Library!!!

A Platfore that is only accessable to you and members of your team.

a Location that promotes mental growth and uplifting communication

The Yard

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The days of hanging out on the yard aren’t over.  Want to meet and chat with people from your team and other organizations?  This is the place to do it.

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