Ubuntu - Mind Body & Soul is our upliftment and self-help division allowing us to partner with outstanding companies that are making an impact in industries from health and wellness to financial services in an effort to provide encouragement and promote perseverance.
Mo' Cheri is our nonprofit that partners with local and national organizations, some of which include Habitat for Humanity, Autism Awareness, and many more.


The hardest battles that are ever fought are the battles in your own mind! Everyone is a victim of their own self-made limitations. This world has a solution and assistance for every problem, our biggest issue is getting over our pride, seeking out that solution, then seeking help. There are an infinite amount of solutions to an infinite amount of problems and sometimes it can be overwhelming. From work stress to late bills, to a lack of communication between husband and wife or mother and child. We welcome you to review our resources and explore what heals YOUR MIND.


With all of the great strides we as a people have taken, we still are far behind when it comes to taking care of our bodies. We tend to put everything in front of our physical health, for various reasons. Money, time, levels of distrust of doctors and practitioners. We are a selection of trusted professionals made up of people from our societies. Providing you an opportunity to feel more comfortable engaging with a Doctor, Dentist, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, or Supplement provider. Helping us all in living a healthy life!


Ever feel down and out?
Don’t know where to turn?
Need to talk to someone trusted?
Along with your Mind and Body, your Soul needs to be healthy and Rejuvenated.
Soul gives you exposure to various uplifting religious posts and discussions. We have professionals who can help.
We offer therapists, ministers, life coaches, and motivational speakers to help you uplift and encourage you. Everyone’s journey takes a different path, let us help you inspire someone else. You never know when your hard times could be an inspiration to someone else or their journey is your inspiration.